About us

The School of Creative Technologies at the University of Portsmouth is a vibrant future-facing environment in which students and staff work at the cutting edge of a variety of creative and technological disciplines. We’ve a playful yet serious approach to developing world-class learning and research.

We’re currently working around three interrelated themes: Play, code, create; Human Experience Design; and, Sound and Vision. Each of our degree programmes and work in research and innovation is related to one or more of our themes. 

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Creative Technologies across all of our areas which is reflected in our exciting, rewarding and challenging taught courses in the following areas:

Augmented and Virtual Reality
Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Creative Media Technologies
Digital Media
Games Technology Enterprise
Games Technology
Music Technology

We’re also really active in our work in research and innovation, through both practice and enabling practice whilst also taking leading roles on a range of large-scale projects with regional, national and international business partners.

The Creative Technologies are all-pervasive in contemporary society and we are excited to be at the forefront of the education of the next generation of technologically enabled creative thinkers and practitioners.